JJ Armory

48 W Main Street Suite C Riverhead, NY 11901

At JJ Armory, we don't just sell products, we build relationships. We believe in the importance of personal service and strive to create a welcoming environment in which every customer feels valued and supported. To us, each customer is a unique individual with their own needs and experiences, and our team is here to guide you, answer your questions, and make sure you find the product that's perfect for you.


JJ Armory LLC was born out of a deep respect for firearms and a strong belief in the Second Amendment. Our mission is to provide an exceptional retail experience that not only caters to seasoned firearm enthusiasts but also provides support and education for those new to the world of guns. Whether you're a professional sharpshooter, a recreational hunter, or a concerned citizen looking to safeguard your home, we are here to meet your needs. Our extensive product range includes all types of firearms, from pistols and shotguns to rifles. We also stock a wide selection of ammunition and gun accessories, ensuring that we're a one-stop shop for all your shooting needs. Quality is paramount to us, which is why we only stock products from trusted and respected manufacturers. Our founder and owner, a proud Riverhead native, deeply understands the community and is highly active in local events. Born and raised right here, his roots have instilled a deep commitment to serving the needs of his neighbors and his hometown. This isn't just a business for us, it's a way to contribute to the community we love.

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Expert Knowledge
Friendly & Personable Customer Service
Responsible Dealers

JJ Armory


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