What is a Sales Funnel?

Sales Funnel
Tauri Social's digital marketing Sales Solar Systems are a structured process that guides potential clients/customers through various stages, with the ultimate goal of converting them into paying customers. This sales funnel comprises a series of steps, each focused on delivering value and building trust with the target audience.
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The Stages in Our Digital Marketing Sales Funnels

1. Awareness

Awareness by Add

At the top of the funnel, the primary goal is to create awareness and attract potential clients. Tauri Social accomplishes this by employing various strategies, including content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media marketing.

Website Development

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Tauri Social assists our clients in creating attractive and functional websites that effectively represent their brand and offerings.

Additionally, we ensure your website is well-maintained, regularly updated, and optimized for search engines to enhance visibility.

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Web Development
Social Media Marketing
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Tauri Social utilizes social media platforms to showcase the clients' businesses and engage with their target audience.

By posting relevant content, running targeted ads, and interacting with users, they aim to increase brand visibility and attract potential customers.

Social Media Marketing

2. Interest & Consideration

Once potential clients are aware of the brand, we focus on nurturing their interest and encouraging further consideration.

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Email Marketing
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Email marketing campaigns are employed to send personalized and engaging content directly to potential clients.

This can include informative newsletters, special offers, and updates, all aimed at nurturing leads and keeping the brand top-of-mind.

3. Decision

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At this stage, potential clients are seriously considering the services provided by our clients. We then employ specific strategies to encourage decision-making.

SMS Marketing
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SMS marketing is utilized as a direct and immediate communication channel with potential clients. We send time-sensitive offers, updates, or reminders to prompt action.

Ad Creation
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Tauri Social crafts compelling and targeted ads that align with the clients' goals and resonate with the intended audience. These ads are designed to convert potential clients into actual customers.

4. Action

Online Shopping

In this final stage of the funnel, the goal is to convert potential clients into paying customers. Tauri Social employs a combination of persuasive techniques and personalized offers.

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By using online tracking pixels and data analysis, Tauri Social can retarget users who have shown interest but haven't taken action yet.

This helps to remind them of the benefits of the services offered and encourages conversion.

Lead Nurturing
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Tauri Social uses targeted follow-up methods to nurture leads who have expressed interest but may need more time before making a decision.

This can involve providing additional information, case studies, or testimonials to build trust.

Sales Conversion
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Ultimately, the goal is to convert potential clients into paying customers, whether through website purchases, subscription sign-ups, or contract agreements for ongoing services.

By utilizing this digital marketing sales funnel, Tauri Social optimizes the conversion process, nurture relationships with potential clients, and drive business growth for their clients through various digital marketing services.

Solar Systems

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Sales Funnel